5 typography tips!



Let’s talk about typography!

Here are 5 tips to keep your typography looking great!


1. Use font families

Popular fonts usually do not stand alone and are part of a "font family". These families have different weight and italic options which all work well together. Using related fonts helps develop a sense of unity in your designs.



2. Use only a few fonts

Strong visuals tend to use a very limited number of font families and not too many different fonts within those families. A good guide would be to use no more than 2 or 3 fonts in your design.



3. Type hierarchy 

Establishing hierarchy is an important function of type. Obvious font sizes and choices establish a clear content order for the eye to follow and ensures your are communicating effectively.



4. Create Contrast

Contrasting colours, sizes and font styles and layering fonts over graphics is a great way to create interest within your design. Using high contrast within your design and font choices will help you communicate clearer and keep viewers engaged with the design.



5. Alignment

For easy reading make sure your text is aligned in an orderly way. A good way to begin aligning things is keep things in their logical groups. For example you may align a heading and a sub heading and then align further details or contact information somewhere else in the design. Also keep your alignment consistent throughout the design -  don’t left align half of the text and suddenly switch to centre or right aligned.

We hope these tips help you and happy designing!

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