A Graphic Design Journey Through Time



A Graphic Design Journey Through Time

Graphic design refers to the communication of a message through the use of visual elements such as typography, illustration, photography, moving images, and many others. This is something that has greatly impacted the world in the areas of business, advertising, and everyday life, as nowadays a day won’t go by in which the average person is not faced with a design product, challenge or idea to think about. 

Some of the earliest examples of graphic design can be seen in newspapers and books in the form of typography, although it can be argued that ancient cave drawings are an even older form of graphic design. Following the success of design in newspapers and books, posters began to increase in popularity, as they allowed messages to be spread to the public with a sense of encouragement and persuasiveness that was unachievable beforehand. As the television began to emerge, with it came a change in the design world and a transition into the world of television advertising. This new approach grew rapidly and before long what was once a black and white poster on a wall was now a colourful, vibrant moving image design on a television screen. 

Nowadays, graphic design can be seen on almost every website, mobile phone, and billboard in the world. In comparison to its original capacity, the capabilities of graphic design nowadays are astounding. The implementation of this tool into any business model, website or product will drastically improve its success and effectiveness. Not only can graphic design increase profitability for businesses, but it can also improve the lives of its users on a daily basis. Graphic designers are always analysing their markets and trying to find new ways to improve their customer experience. This is particularly apparent in individuals with disabilities, who rely on designers to create images or designs that cater to their specific needs and allow them to operate systems as easily and straightforward as possible. Additionally, the use of graphic design is hugely popular in the gaming industry nowadays, as designers are always looking for new ideas and ways to impress customers within their games. Certain games require graphic designs to appear as realistic as possible, while others are created in the aim of simulating a fictional character, while also providing an enjoyable gaming experience. Therefore, the graphic designs in any game can truly maximise its potential in terms of profitability as well as the overall enjoyment of the game in its customers.

Although there are no absolute certainties for the world of graphic design in the coming years, it is assumed that it will only grow in popularity and success. As technology continues to improve, so too will the possibilities of graphic design. It is expected that new methods of design creation as well as animations will become available. Graphic designers will not only survive but begin to thrive in this world as their ideas and skills become more and more valuable as time goes on.

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